Maternity Photography

David Moffitt specialises in Maternity Portraiture and lectures internationally on the subject. His images beautifully depict the splendour of a woman with child. The images range from sensuous to serene, from fun to romantic and ultimately a treasured piece of fine art.

We consider pregnancy sessions to be one of the most magical sessions of all. Carrying the life of a child is a wonderful gift and regardless of whether it’s your first, second or third pregnancy- each one is special enough to be captured. While we know that pregnancy sessions aren’t for everyone – to those that do choose to capture this time, they are forever thankful that they did so and we welcome you.

Also don’t worry about stretch marks as they can be retouched later if you wish. We want to capture images of our mothers to be, when they are still feeling reasonably comfortable before those last few weeks.

Lastly, discretion is always a top priority. Tasteful nudity and semi nudity is always available as part of the session but not essential and with the creative use of lighting we can create amazing images. We will show you samples on arrival.

Partners and children can be included in the sessions or you can bring along your mum or a friend for moral support. Above all, relax. This is a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you.

"I love the glow that comes from a woman who is happily expecting a child. I want to photograph her beauty, her joy, the curves of her body created by the new life it carries. I want to document that time, the excitement and anticipation, the love for what is about to happen and I want her to remember how beautiful she is. That’s what I strive to achieve.”

What to Bring to Your Maternity Portrait Session

In the studio we have a man’s shirt and some fabrics in various colours perfect for wrapping the figure.

Please bring any clothing listed below that might enhance your sessions and flatter your ever growing tummy.

  • Halter-tops, T shirts, Tank tops, maternity tops and your partner’s shirt.
  • Jeans and skirts that go below the waist, button down shirts and blouses that we can open to expose the belly.
  • Lingerie of any kind – lacy panties and shorts are great, as well as soft flowing fabrics that will show your bump.
  • Thongs and very skimpy underwear is useful as we can generally retouch the sides to imply nudity
  • Bras in black, white and skin colours, any strapless bras, pyjamas
  • Jewellery is also a great accessory
  • Any ultrasound photos
  • Some items from the nursery – such as baby booties, teddy bears, etc.
  • For husbands and children, whatever is comfortable but we recommend solid colour clothing. Jeans and plain light and dark shirts and T shirts. Whatever you choose to bring, keep it solid and simple and above all, avoid busy prints and logos.

It is best to wear skin coloured undergarments if at all possible. Strapless bras are very helpful when being wrapped – even if the bra is too small, it will still give you support. As you will be exposing your belly, please do not wear any elasticated clothing or underwear for a few hours prior to the session as it leaves marks on your skin.

A Makeup Artist can be made available for £35.00 but this needs to be arranged in advance, so please call the studio to request this service.