Newborn Art

Because you only get one chance!

Act now as these images need to be taken during your baby’s first 10 days because within a couple of weeks your baby is already growing and changing and will never be the same again. It is better if you contact me while you are still pregnant, as we have limited availability.

David has specialised in Newborn photography for a number of years and now lectures internationally on the subject. His images beautifully portray the earliest days of these new lives, creating images of a new generation.

They capture the sensitivity and vulnerability of the newly born and the unbreakable bond and pure love of their parents. Ultimately they are a treasured piece of fine art that will be displayed with pride as beautiful works of art to adorn your walls and will increase in emotional value as time goes by.

Our studio has a warm relaxing atmosphere that will allow your baby to sleep peacefully. We have a bottle warmer and a private nursing area to allow your baby to have a “top up” when necessary. We have a changing mat and complimentary nappies and wet wipes. We have a large selection of props, fabrics and woolly hats to enhance your images.

"My passion is to capture those early fragile moments, the tiny fingers and toes, the folds in the skin and the feelings of love and joy of the parents for their new born child. New babies change and develop so quickly and I am committed to preserving these memories for families to treasure for the future"